The primary purpose of this site is to provide a single location for all public domain documentation concerning AppleScript from 1993 to present.

Most of this stuff still exists somewhere on Apple’s own servers, but finding it is often difficult, and many links there are long broken. Hopefully, anything you find mentioned in any Apple Developer documentation regarding AppleScript will be on this site. If you find a reference which isn’t here, please email me and I’ll do my best to hunt it down among members of the AppleScript community. Conversely, if you happen to possess any documentation for AppleScript (legacy, retired or current) that’s not on here, I’d love to hear from you.

A long-term ambition is to collate information from the various header files that are scattered around the frameworks and create some new documentation. Undoubtedly, there are also gaps in the existing documentation that could usefully be filled. If anyone wishes to contribute to that project, please let me know.

The site also contains some comprehensive scripting guides on popular applications. Again, I’m willing to consider any suggestions for β€” or donations to β€” that repository as well.

If you came here because you want to learn how to use AppleScript, your first stop is to download the AppleScript Language Guide. If you have questions, I’m afraid I have neither the time nor the expertise to answer them. However, you’ll find friendly, active and knowledgeable communities in a number of places:

AppleScript Users Lists

Mac OS X Technologies Forum


In addition, there are a number of good books you can purchase. Try searching your favourite onβ€” or offline bookstore for any or all of these (more or less in order as beginner/intermediate/advanced):

AppleScript 1-2-3: Sal Soghoian, Bill Cheeseman (Peachpit Press, 2009)
Learn AppleScript: Hamish Sanderson, Hanaan Rosenthal (APress, 2010)
AppleScript, The Definitive Guide: Matt Neuburg (O’Reilly, 2006)