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Apple Developer Documentation

AEStream and Friends Legacy (2002)
Describes the AEStream* collection of APIs that can be used to construct Apple event records and Apple event descriptors using stream oriented calling conventions.

Apple Event Manager Reference Legacy (2007)
Complete listing of functions, callbacks, data types and constants for AEM.

Apple Events Programming Guide Legacy (2007)
Provides conceptual information and programming examples for working with Apple events.

AppleScript Finder Guide Legacy (1994)
Describes the commands and object classes defined by the Finder for use with the English dialect of the AppleScript language.

AppleScript Language Guide 1.3.7 (OS 8.5.1) Legacy (1999)
The AppleScript Language Guide for pre-OS X Apple computers, sometimes called “Classic”, from 8.5.1 thru to 9.

AppleScript Language Guide (2013)
A comprehensive guide to the AppleScript language — its lexical conventions, syntax, keywords, and other elements. It is intended primarily for use with AppleScript 2.0 or later and OS X version 10.5 or later.

AppleScript Overview (2007)

AppleScript Release Notes 10.0 thru to 10.9 (2013)

AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide Legacy (1996)
Provides some basic information for Macintosh software developers who want to write scripting additions.

AppleScript Terminology and Apple Event Codes (2006)

Cocoa Scripting Guide (2008)
This document is intended for developers who want to make their Cocoa applications scriptable or who need to know more about how Cocoa applications interact with AppleScript and Apple events.

NSAppleEventDescriptor Class Reference (2007)
An instance of NSAppleEventDescriptor represents a descriptor—the basic building block for Apple events. This class is a wrapper for the underlying Apple event descriptor data type, AEDesc.

NSScriptCommand Class Reference (2007)

NSScriptCommandDescription Class Reference (2007)
The public methods of NSScriptCommandDescription are used primarily by Cocoa’s built-in scripting support in responding to Apple events that target the application.

NSScriptSuiteRegistry Class Reference (2007)
NSScriptSuiteRegistry functions as the top-level repository of scriptability information for an application at runtime. The public methods of NSScriptSuiteRegistry are used primarily by Cocoa’s built-in scripting support.

NSUserAppleScriptTask Class Reference (2012) The NSUserAppleScriptTask class is intended to run AppleScript scripts from a developer’s application.

Open Scripting Architecture Reference Legacy (2007)

XML-RPC & SOAP Programming Guide (2005)
Describes how to use AppleScript and the Apple Event Manager to make remote procedure calls using the XML-RPC and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocols.

Technical Notes

Technical Note TN2045: AEBuild*, AEPrint* and Friends Legacy (2002)

Technical Note TN2065: do shell script in AppleScript (2006)
Answers frequently asked questions about AppleScript’s “do shell script” command.

Technical Note TN2084 Using AppleScript Scripts in Cocoa Applications (2006) Discusses how to integrate and execute AppleScripts from within a Cocoa application, leveraging the NSAppleScript class NSAppleEventDescriptor to send data to the receiver.

Technical Note TN2106: Scripting Interface Guidelines (2004)
Directions for providing a clean and consistent scripting interface for your application.

Getting Started

Getting Started with AppleScript Legacy (2007)

Getting Started with Scripting & Automation Legacy (2007)

Interapplication Communication

This entire work is pre-OSX and represents (AFAIK) the original AppleScript documentation from 1993. The code examples are in Pascal (I think!) and of little practical use. However, aside from historical interest, there’s a lot of useful conceptual material explaining how AppleScript works in great detail. Much of the relevant technical information is now contained in Cocoa Scripting Guide (see above).

IAC_CH (Title Page)
IAC_CH0 (Colophon)
IAC_CH0 (Copyright Page)
IAC_CH0 (Figures Tables & Listings)
IAC_CH0 (Preface)
IAC_CH0 (Table Of Contents)
IAC_CH1 (Intro to Interapplication Communication)
IAC_CH2 (Edition_Manager)
IAC_CH3 (Intro to Apple Events)
IAC_CH4 (Responding to Apple Events)
IAC_CH5 (Creating & Sending Apple Events)
IAC_CH6 (Resolving & Creating Object Specifier Records)
IAC_CH7 (Intro to Scripting)
IAC_CH8 (AE Terminology Resources)
IAC_CH9 (Recording Apple Events)
IAC_CH10 (Scripting Components)
IAC_CH11 (Program to Program Communications Toolbox)
IAC_CH12 (Data Access Manager)
IAC_CHXX (Glossary)
IAC_CHXX (Index)


Issue 10: Apple Event Objects and You
Issue 12: Better Apple Event Coding Through Objects
Issue 18: The Open Scripting Architecture
Issue 19: Implementing Inheritance in Scripts
Issue 20: Scripting the Finder From Your Application
Issue 21: Designing a Scripting Implementation
Issue 22: Scripting Quandaries
Issue 23: Thinking About Dictionaries
Issue 24 (Part 1): Speeding Up whose Clause Resolution
Issue 24 (Part 2): Steps to Scriptability
Issue 25: Properties & Preferences
Issue 26: Attaching and Embedding Scripts
Issue 28: Coding Your Object Model for Advanced Scriptability
Issue 29: User Interactions in AppleEvent Driven Applications

3rd Party Application Guides

Excel 2004 AppleScript Reference
Adobe InDesign Scripting Guide: AppleScript
InDesign CS6 Server Scripting Guide
Photoshop-CS6-AppleScript Reference
Getting to Know QuarkXpress AppleScript Terminology
Guide to Apple Events Scripting – QuarkXPress 8
Things AppleScript Guide
Word 2004 AppleScript Reference


Not related to AppleScript, but worth preserving for historical interest.

Inside Macintosh pub’ date: 1985
Inside Macintosh (Vol I, II, & III) *large file > 100Mb